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4. Viral Signs II - Incident 3030_final
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I look forward to whether the band will continue on this chosen path. In the meantime, I will enjoy this album, and I am confident that it will appeal to listeners looking for high-quality instrumental progressive rock/metal with catchy and accessible melodies and fierce soloing.

force of progress are: Hanspeter Hess, Chris Grundmann and Markus Roth Guitar, Bass & Mix by Sebastian Schleicher Drums recorded & mixed by Sebastian Schleicher •

Guest musicians: Drums: Dennis Degen

“Ultra Conservation” - Sologuitar: Thorsten Praest and Sebastian Schleicher

“Viral Signs I - Amabassador of Light” - Sologuitar: Julian Küster “Next” - Sologuitar: Amadeus Sektas

“Viral Signs II - Incident 3030” - Sologuitar: Achim Wierschem • Touch Guitar: Stefan Huth • Monk Choir: Markus Schley “Redesign” - Sologuitar: Claus Flittiger

Sound snippets from

Master by Fritz Fey Artwork & design by Jef de Corte •

Written and produced by Force of Progress. Dedicated to Siegfried, Michael, Reiner and Roswitha. We thank our families and friends for their support. Oliver Wenzler from Progressive Promotion Records for his trust.

© 2021 Marquette-Music

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